allow me to rant for a moment

so my blog is literally 100% horse related with respect to this post. i wanted to rant on this matter because it is an issue that really infuriates me and i hate blowing up my Facebook. everyone is talking about miley, that 20 year old who is only fortunate enough to be famous due to her father. that is one thing that bothers me. just because your family or parent is famous doesn’t mean you deserve to be famous, how famous would she actually be if her father wasn’t who he is? now, I’m not too much older than her, i am 22, and i went to one of americas top party schools. it is better known as slutgers and by gods grace is that an accurate name. i survived 4 years of heavy partying being exposed to drugs, parties, vulgarity, you name it i’ve seen it. i am also a born and raised new yorker, and you bet I’ve been to the club scene in NYC, but that doesn’t mean finding and expressing myself and partying and having a good time while I’m of age results in me making my self look like a classless, trashy, whore. what i find blasphemous is people regard her behavior as normal and acceptable. “good for her, standing up for who she is” WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE SUPPORTING THAT? how pathetic and depressing is it that we live in a nation where behavior like that is not only televised on UNCENSORED television for millions of americans age 0-100+ to view, but ALLOWED, APPLAUDED, AND REGARDED AS OKAY. i am a female, i am severely insulted by her, and if i were to ever disrespect myself like that in any setting, public or not, my morality and conscience would chime in with something like “who the fuck do you think you are”.the fact that she is being paid to be a complete slut and drug addict is another insult. i am a well educated honors dual degree graduate with a career in medical research aspiring to be a neurologist, and i won’t make half the money she does yet unlike her i will be saving lives and helping others live a better life. disregarding her whole “I’m going to do drugs and not care” appearance, because that is what crack whores I’ve met in my travels act like, why does she think she is, excuse my language, a black hoodlum. I have no issue with black people, I have many friends who are of other races and i love their culture, i love rap, A$AP rocky is probably my favorite artist around, but i find it shamelessy boorish that she actually believes she is part of their pop-culture. I’m sorry whitey but I’m a white girl too and i have twice the ass you will ever have, you don’t see me “tweaking” it across america. all in all, i will never really be a fan of the new age pop scene, ill take my outlandish european techno and my snoop dog and appreciate artists for what they represent and their talent. she is just another example of how american culture and way of life is going in the complete shitter, how we are forced to enjoy talentless whores for acting who grind on public television with married men and reduce their shell of a human being to that of a prostitute [which is illegal by the way]. so wake up america, i wish you would represent and televise actual role models who isn’t going to teach my future children how to act like degenerate classless pieces of trailer park trash. 

and just as a closer, i am not a fan of macklemore’s music but man do i respect him and his songs for preaching about equality. he is a perfect example of the kind of artists america needs to support and represent. 

-end. rant.